the art of ballOOn-painting

by uwe kurz

unforeseeable traces

on paper hurled chances
result from the energy
of bursting balloons

eye and mind
looking for a hold
try to comprehend
to arrange
to interpret
they reject and
begin once again

the well-known
developes from the new



Balloon-painting is not longer maintained. The galleries will remain as a web archive. Interactive elements e.g. postcards, contact and linklist will be disabled.


BallOOn-Painting - what´s that?

Balloon-Painting is a artifical technique of painting developed by myself which experiments with chance and coincidence. Balloons filled with paint are brought to burst and the paint splashes over the paper. This raw material is developed further. Titles and quotes added from literature illustrate my own point of view and my associations and should stimulate the alert eye to have a good look at the moods and impressions outgoing from the paintings.

If you know exactly what you want to do,
for what reason should you do this at all?

Pablo Picasso

Please visit my gallery-area and get some more informations about the technique of Balloon-Painting, about chance in art and about the man, who paints with balloons.



During my studies in art therapy we discussed the difficulty to get patients to work with colours, to paint and to be generally interested in art, especially if this patients do not have any previous experiences in this area, but a lot of self-criticism and a strong belief in the own inability and incompetence (and this not only on the artistic sector!) ...



Chance and Art

In art there is not only one type of coincidence/chance. Frequently the coincidence and chance experiencing meets unconscious personal experiences or problems and fullfills in this case a symbolic function. Coincidence and chance can refer in addition to formal ones and technical questions, then it concerns selective perception of the coincidental one led by the artistic »interest«.




Get an impression and take a look at the balloon-paintings in the galleries ordered by topic.

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Gallery 2: Violence

Gallery 3: Fairytales, Myths, Sagas
Myths, Sagas

Gallery 4: Beatles-Songs

Gallery 5: Fauna and Flora
and Flora

Gallery 6: different Themes


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